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Posted On May 5, 2017By Disciple of BobIn BLOG, Roleplay

BLOG: Bob’s Reach is Infinite

As a Blood Priest of Bob the almighty there is no respite from service. There are countless heretics that do not know or even denounce His word and my duties as a Blood Priest do not cease when working on my less conspicuous characters. Whilst working on my HiSec logistics on some non-combat characters I was surprised to see someone in local giving praise to a false prophet. I of course took the opportunity to correct this slight against Bob.Read More
Following several fleet patrols using Brutix-class battlecruisers, with mixed success, I decided to change our warzone-control fleet doctrines to a more mobile and flexible combat platform, the Hecate-class tactical destroyer. Axa Dax, one of our combat specialists, has been asking for this change for some time, and I decided to test it out tonight. Supported by a Magus-class command destroyer, this squadron of ships is equipped with a variety of anti-propulsion and mobility-focused hardware. Anything that passes through a stargate will be warp disrupted. If it attempts to flee, itRead More

Posted On May 2, 2017By Disciple of BobIn BLOG, Eve online, Roleplay

BLOG: In the Service of Bob

After a well deserved vacation from the ministry I have returned to the service of Bob. Eager to try something new but still purge Anoikis of heretics, I have turned my hand to mercenary work. Fortunately, such responsibility provides ample time between contracts to purge the void of non-believers and an exceptional example presented itself, by the grace of Bob, to my fellow Blood Priests and I.Read More