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Kael and Meredudd are getting old in Episode 40 as they are joined by Jakob Anedalle to talk about their team fun at the Theomachy event over the weekend. Halfway through we were joined by two FC’s from Iron Armada, SlimJim and Angron, who talked about the art of target calling in EVE Online. Watch the stream live every Monday evening at 2200 Eastern US Time (0200 Tuesday EVE Time) Intro Music is Loud Remix by CPT Blastahoe Outro is Below the Asteroids Airhorn Mix by Nick Fuzzeh – Watch liveRead More

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Eve Online Station Trader 6-6-2017

Streamed LIVE on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/videos/150056406Read More

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Jin & Apothne Talk – AT XV Feeder Rounds

Their desire to dick on people is very strong” –Theomachy! Alek flies and dies while Jin comments from the skies –HTP scams Provi counter-intelligence: aka Provi’s counter “intelligence”  –Project Nova: A name we haven’t heard in a while –PanFam vs Legacy: Analysis of southern politics as they evolve –T3 Rebalance Breakdown –Theorycrafting Corner: Nightmares -Epic host highlight from Artimus and much more! Ending: SCANDAL – Shojou SRead More

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EVE Reader: Episode 57 – The Jovian Wet Grave

Today’s Chronicle is perhaps the most famous of all of Eve’s backstories – the story of first contact between the Caldari State and the Jovian Directorate as well as the story of the first capsuleer. If a list ever existed consisting of the top five essential stories for understanding the lore of Eve, this chronicle would be on that list and probably at the very top of that list. This Chronicle is such a prominent fixture of the lore that I used it for my trial episode, aka “Episode 0”Read More

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CZ: Declarations of War: Smooth Operators

-Waifu poll results are in! What a time to be alive. -1st Blood Raider Soityo down! No loot survives. Because TEST. -Amamake Police lose their cop cars to a very dedicated scammer -A serious exploit to skill training revealed. Does this explain PLEX prices? -Fighting heats up in Cloud Ring and Pure Blind -Alek and Artimus are inverting in their PVP focuses End Song: Wildest Things in the WorldRead More

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Clueless Space Nerds podcast – Episode 77

CLUELESS SPACE NERDS PODCAST EvE Online’s worst podcast. 4 drunken fools, making it up as they go.Read More
This week I sit down with Pandemic Horde member and resident old head Johnny Chemo and talk about how Eve was back when most of us were still on some Diablo II nonsense.  Check it out! Guest:  Johnny ChemoRead More

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CZ: Declarations of War: The Hentai Games

-Riela Tanal, creator of Theomachy, joins the show as our special guest -We pick Riela’s brain about the behind-the-scenes of EVE’s best live event -VOLT has a negative % chance of keeping their space by 2018 -Jintaan returns! His long overdue thoughts on Fanfest, the new CSM, and more -The Anime War: Jin is Content Moses, leading the Weebish people to prosperity and good fights -The cast reveals their waifus and competes to pitch non-anime-fan Artimus on which series to kick start his anime addiction –Vanquisher down! The first loss ofRead More
A few weeks in the makings but finally here for your listening pleasure, Mind Clash Episode 36 brings some members of Center for Advanced Studies on the show to talk about what it’s like to be in one of the most intriguing NPC corporations that we have ever heard of. Listen to Ebag Trescientas (the wrangler), Yellowman (AT manager), Bhale (resident Aussie), and Hermes Multipass (the night shift guy) talk about living life in New Eden a fascinating and different manner. Watch the stream live every Monday evening at 2200Read More