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Dunk Dinkle simplifies the long version..   For those with less real life ties and more time, the long version was here…  Read More

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The first Faction Titan has been killed today by Project Mayhem. This Vanquisher Titan, the Serpentis variant to the Erebus, was killed in the low-sec system of Maila, a few AU off the Ghost Legion Keepstar in the system. The pilot, Lx33, just left Northern Coalition. along with his corporation a few days ago. The exact circumstances of this kill will be updated soon™ when more info is available to us. According to Snuffed Out’s pilot hy_wanto comment on Reddit, the op took several hours before the pilot finally gotRead More
The latest TEST Alliance Please Ignore State Of The Alliance has come and gone, with some interesting news to report. Rumours and speculations had been floating around about TEST possibly making a push into Period Basis to escalate things with RMC. However, it appears that will not be the case. Let’s take a closer look!Read More

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Miner Metrics – Complete 5/1/2017

Miner Metrics is a youtube channel that aims to provide daily updates on the economy of New Edens mineral markets and provides some limited predictions on future price changes.Read More
Audio logs obtained by The Discourse uncover the origins of a terrorist plot – and the complicity of an as-yet unidentified intelligence agency. Bioweapons expert Hirtalen Sirichi explores the unanswered questions surrounding the attack on the RP4 mining facility. For full Akira Kasaras audio and documents, see –…    Read More

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Twitch Vs Eve

Over at EVE_NT we regularly host a whole plethora of events with a variety of different streamers, covering all sorts of things within New Eden. This Friday at 2200 Eve time is an event called Twitch V Eve which will feature over 40 Eve streamers!   The goal is to gather as many Eve twitch streamers as possible, bring them all into one fleet, and then multi-stream them doing a PvP roam! This should be a load of fun for Eve viewers and the streamers alike!   It’s also anRead More