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Today’s expensive loss might not be as impressive as the first Vanquisher that died yesterday, but it remains quite expensive… and unusual!Read More
CCP will be removing outposts from the game and converting them into special edition Fortizars. These represent the second faction citadel introduced into the game, the first being the Palatine Keepstar, and will again be limited to the number of outposts currently in the game. These new Fortizars also come with a special edition faction rig. The rig that is added to the outpost will depend on what upgrades are installed when the stations are converted sometime this winter.Read More

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The first Faction Titan has been killed today by Project Mayhem. This Vanquisher Titan, the Serpentis variant to the Erebus, was killed in the low-sec system of Maila, a few AU off the Ghost Legion Keepstar in the system. The pilot, Lx33, just left Northern Coalition. along with his corporation a few days ago. The exact circumstances of this kill will be updated soon™ when more info is available to us. According to Snuffed Out’s pilot hy_wanto comment on Reddit, the op took several hours before the pilot finally gotRead More
The latest TEST Alliance Please Ignore State Of The Alliance has come and gone, with some interesting news to report. Rumours and speculations had been floating around about TEST possibly making a push into Period Basis to escalate things with RMC. However, it appears that will not be the case. Let’s take a closer look!Read More

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CCP released the Monthly Economic Report yesterday, with fixes to account for mining drones and correctly calculate total trade in regions. Full graphs can be seen in the devblog, but we will quickly run through some of the interesting ones here.Read More
CCP has released a number of interesting announcements in the patch notes yesterday, however, as usual, they may have underestimated the customer response to the changes they are making. The Patch Notes contain a mixed bag of good and bad depending on who you are and what you do in EVE. I’ll address some of the highlights and controversies. by Erick AsmockRead More

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INN: CSM 12 Results Analysis

If you are new to Eve, or unaware of politics, or if you live in a space cave, you might not have heard of the CSM. The CSM, or Council of Stellar Managment, is a group of players elected by the rest of us to represent the Eve community for discussions with CCP.Read More
This weekend saw the final weekend of the second Anger Games tournament, with both days having high-quality matches, upsets, entertaining commentary, and surprise guests. Elise Randolph made an appearance again on the Eve NT team, again using a pseudonym, which commentator Moomin Amatin described as “Making him seem like a 13-year-old boy”Read More

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Get your game on! Your Anger Game!

That’s right folks; after the amazing success that was the first Anger Games, they are back for another one. And this time is it Bigger and Better! With 14 teams and over 200 players set to compete, there is even more action in store this time around. Not only will you get to see “the best” that The Imperium has to offer in the way of tournament competitors, but also many teams from many other parts of EVE Online. Ever wondered what would happen when you put historical names suchRead More