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Posted On December 12, 2015By Tiberius StarGazerIn EVE

Trillionaire Host Frigate Free for All Xmas Party

nnTrillionaire.pro is a relatively new site which has just started making a name for itself in the world of EVE gambling services after smashing past the One Trillion ISK mark in prizes awarded. Along with the usual services you would expect from a gambling website there are a selection of raffles, and interestingly a selection of fun little free games to play. (My personal favourite being the Asteroids based mini game with a Venture by the name of ?Adventure Time?.) The site also has its own reward system for loyalRead More

Posted On December 10, 2015By Tiberius StarGazerIn EVE

Pod and Planet Fiction Contest Reading Part 1 by Jayne Fillion

The Pod and Planet fiction contest closed for entries in November and the judges of the competition are busy reading and scoring all the stories in time for the announcement of the winners in mid December.nnOne of the judges and CSM10 member Jayne Fillion who is of Spectre Fleet fame has been reading the entries live on twitch as part of his judging process. You can watch the first session below.nRead More

Posted On December 9, 2015By EVE_NTIn EVE

#EVE_NT Media Is Live

We at #EVE_NT are very excited to welcome you to the first official post of the new #EVE_NT Media section of eve-nt.uk! Over the last couple of weeks we have been working very hard to bring to you everything the EVE Community has to offer.n But what is #EVE_NT Media? nBuilding on the strong community foundation formed by Nashh Kadavr and his team, (who are known for one of the UK’s largest organised player gatherings EVE Nottingham and player tournament #EVE_NT Collides) #EVE_NT Media intends to focus on the fantastic events,Read More

Posted On December 2, 2015By EVE_NTIn EVE

#EVE_NT is expanding!

nnThe brand #EVE_NT is expanding in 2016 in a few different ways; more EVE-meets, third party facilities and a media section. However the first step to help achieve a bigger and better season of #EVE_NT Collides we will launch its baby brother; #EVE_NT Fight Club.nnAnother brainchild from the ever talented Bei ArtJay and with help from non-other than CCP Fozzie we will add an additional 4 broadcast to this seasons EVEsports. In essence its a ‘lower-tier-league’ to Collides that will allow for anyone interested in competitive EVE game-play to haveRead More

Posted On December 1, 2015By EVE_NTIn EVE

#EVE_NT Media

nn nnThere are several EVE related media sites and we certainly do not intend to reinvent the wheel, however, we feel there is space for a more community driven collection of articles, not covering any drama or ‘news’. #EVE_NT Media endeavors to give you reviews on all the player organised events both in- and out of game, alongside any EVEsport, EVE videos, community spotlights and the occasional chat about new CCP released content.nnAs this is a brand new side to #EVE_NT we are looking for more like-minded staff to join theRead More

Posted On November 28, 2015By EVE_NTIn EVE, EVE-NT

#EVE_NT Collides Prizes

nnAlthough the format of the #EVE_NT Collides series has been solidified in various tests and warm-up rounds, it proved hard to get teams to commit their time and efforts to a side project outside their busy EVE schedules and the Alliance Tournament. Thanks to an amazing contribution from CCP we have secured 150 unique SKINS to seduce some of the top competitive players in EVE Online and to provide the best possible entertainment for this first full season.nnAt the end of the season the four least successful Alliances will stillRead More