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CZ: Command and Signal

War drives innovation. It drives us to invent, to improve and to race our fellow man to ever greater heights – not just in destruction but also in infrastructure and perhaps most of all, in communication. Since even before the war banners of the structured regiments of the medieval period, the need to clearly, yet covertly, communicate with one another has driven ever more sophisticated methods of doing so. Many of these innovations have since gone on to improve the lives of the general public as well.Read More

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The first Faction Titan has been killed today by Project Mayhem. This Vanquisher Titan, the Serpentis variant to the Erebus, was killed in the low-sec system of Maila, a few AU off the Ghost Legion Keepstar in the system. The pilot, Lx33, just left Northern Coalition. along with his corporation a few days ago. The exact circumstances of this kill will be updated soon™ when more info is available to us. According to Snuffed Out’s pilot hy_wanto comment on Reddit, the op took several hours before the pilot finally gotRead More
The latest TEST Alliance Please Ignore State Of The Alliance has come and gone, with some interesting news to report. Rumours and speculations had been floating around about TEST possibly making a push into Period Basis to escalate things with RMC. However, it appears that will not be the case. Let’s take a closer look!Read More

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CCP released the Monthly Economic Report yesterday, with fixes to account for mining drones and correctly calculate total trade in regions. Full graphs can be seen in the devblog, but we will quickly run through some of the interesting ones here.Read More
CCP has released a number of interesting announcements in the patch notes yesterday, however, as usual, they may have underestimated the customer response to the changes they are making. The Patch Notes contain a mixed bag of good and bad depending on who you are and what you do in EVE. I’ll address some of the highlights and controversies. by Erick AsmockRead More
Today New Eden turns 14 years old and here at CCP, we’d like to wish a happy 14th anniversary to all our pilots across the globe! May 6th, 2003 marks the date when a flood of budding young intrepid pilots took to the skies with grand hopes and aspirations. 14 years on, those ideas and values have become the cornerstones of a thriving virtual world that that has been transformed into a living, breathing space saga that spans more than a decade of emergent storytelling. From the second New Eden’sRead More
Hello all. As you should now be aware, CSM 11 has given way to CSM 12, which means a fresh start for all of us, and a chance for myself to review what went right and what went wrong with regards to getting information to you all during the past term, and hopefully make amends to that in order to better inform the public on what the CSM is doing, and keep us as in touch as possible.Read More

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INN: CSM 12 Results Analysis

If you are new to Eve, or unaware of politics, or if you live in a space cave, you might not have heard of the CSM. The CSM, or Council of Stellar Managment, is a group of players elected by the rest of us to represent the Eve community for discussions with CCP.Read More

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EN24: Headstart: Choosing a Corporation

The corporation that you choose to play with in Eve Online is crucial to your story within the game world and your enjoyment of it. It has a huge impact on what facets of the game you end up playing and whom you end up playing them with. There are several factors and questions you need to ask about yourself and what you want from a corporation that you want to join. – See more at: http://evenews24.com/2017/05/05/headstart-choosing-a-corporation/#sthash.0uNiEbJQ.dpufRead More
Following several fleet patrols using Brutix-class battlecruisers, with mixed success, I decided to change our warzone-control fleet doctrines to a more mobile and flexible combat platform, the Hecate-class tactical destroyer. Axa Dax, one of our combat specialists, has been asking for this change for some time, and I decided to test it out tonight. Supported by a Magus-class command destroyer, this squadron of ships is equipped with a variety of anti-propulsion and mobility-focused hardware. Anything that passes through a stargate will be warp disrupted. If it attempts to flee, itRead More