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To start the month off with a bang, CCP released details of the next expansion for EVE, titled “Lifeblood”.  An announcement trailer was released along with updates to the, erm, updates page on the EVE Online site.Read More
The action is hot and heavy going into the second weekend of ATXV. The competition could not be higher for a place in this year’s finals! Where else could be better to view it than with the team of volunteers who help to bring the show live to you every year? Based at the fantastic venue of the Antenna in Nottingham (UK), just a short walk from the Nottingham Train Station, we are hosting a viewing party throughout the whole weekend, with a bar available. Come and spend some timeRead More

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DoW: EVE Online: Geography and Geopolitics

Calebs “Requests”   (Near) Infinite orders and contracts, or limited by structures, so skill level per structure/station. Two part broker fee. Base fee and a percentage setting. NPC move dynamically according to ISK volume delta, and base fee goes up and percentage down.   Limited number of slots for Research and Industry. NPC slots at least needs to be either limited or extremely dynamic response to supply and demand. Thus a 2 part like the above, a base fee and a percentage take, where base fee goes up and percentageRead More

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EG: They Can Do It!

The Women of EVE and CCP specifically. We always hear about the “hostile” environment for females in EVE online, and how the 4% women is very low. This trigger warning #gamergate topic aside, there are some much more interesting aspects to the women in EVE. Taking a step back I would like to show you a different angle. No one has been run over by horses at ccp, though maybe something akin to a war have occurred. In the wake of incarna something interesting seem to have happened, ever soRead More

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Jin & Apothne Talk – AT XV Feeder Rounds

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Clueless Space Nerds Podcast – Episode 78

We sit down and talk about Value versus Vanity. End up in a bit of a deep talk on PL versus Goons, slightly outside the core market topics. We also lifted the veil a bit about the industry index problems. Show aired 21.05.2017  Read More

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INN: Open Coms Show 20.05.17

GO TO TWITCH   Watch live video from ImperiumNews on www.twitch.tvRead More
The Scope reports on Blood Raiders.Read More