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This weekend saw the final weekend of the second Anger Games tournament, with both days having high-quality matches, upsets, entertaining commentary, and surprise guests. Elise Randolph made an appearance again on the Eve NT team, again using a pseudonym, which commentator Moomin Amatin described as “Making him seem like a 13-year-old boy”Read More

Posted On May 3, 2017By EVE_NTIn EVE, Eve online, EVE-NT, Events

EVE_NT: May Player Gatherings

With Fanfest behind us, EVE players return to their parts of the world with some usual and unusual meets coming up in May including the fantastic Fins On A Ship! Check them out and visit them if those post fanfest blues need to be slain. Of course, you can find out more about these events via evemeet.net where you can also set up notifications about planned events in your area or create your own meets.Read More

Posted On May 2, 2017By Disciple of BobIn BLOG, Eve online, Roleplay

BLOG: In the Service of Bob

After a well deserved vacation from the ministry I have returned to the service of Bob. Eager to try something new but still purge Anoikis of heretics, I have turned my hand to mercenary work. Fortunately, such responsibility provides ample time between contracts to purge the void of non-believers and an exceptional example presented itself, by the grace of Bob, to my fellow Blood Priests and I.Read More