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The action is hot and heavy going into the second weekend of ATXV. The competition could not be higher for a place in this year’s finals! Where else could be better to view it than with the team of volunteers who help to bring the show live to you every year? Based at the fantastic venue of the Antenna in Nottingham (UK), just a short walk from the Nottingham Train Station, we are hosting a viewing party throughout the whole weekend, with a bar available. Come and spend some timeRead More
Originally posted on eve-nt : here Alliance Tournament season is upon us – a season of epic battles, super showdowns, and cheering on teams with your space-friends! EVE_NT’s original planned event presence at Insomnia 61 in Birmingham is sadly no longer possible; due to heavy time constraints and the impending AT, it was decided that we would rather put everything we have behind making our Alliance Tournament streams the best they can possibly be. But fear not- you can still get your meet-up fix, AND cheer on AT teams at the sameRead More
Well Back once again with the meets! This time is the BIG summer meet, so this is the one were we want all the folk to come along, have some drinks, swap some stories and perhaps some more things as well! You never know, It might even been sunny! The Venue is the home of the Eve Glasgow meet : The Hillhead Bookclub! Map : Hillhead Bookclub. Time: 2pm Sharp! ALL ARE WELCOME!!Read More
A nice interview with Max Singularity and the 6.th Empire, about its history and activities.Read More
Eve Online is a sprawling online space game where tens of thousands of players fight, trade and socialise, and once a year, the developers of Eve bring the players together in Iceland for Eve Fest. : Article http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/eve-online-fanfest Subscribe to British GQ►► http://po.st/SubscribeBritishGQRead More
Today New Eden turns 14 years old and here at CCP, we’d like to wish a happy 14th anniversary to all our pilots across the globe! May 6th, 2003 marks the date when a flood of budding young intrepid pilots took to the skies with grand hopes and aspirations. 14 years on, those ideas and values have become the cornerstones of a thriving virtual world that that has been transformed into a living, breathing space saga that spans more than a decade of emergent storytelling. From the second New Eden’sRead More

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EN24: Headstart: Choosing a Corporation

The corporation that you choose to play with in Eve Online is crucial to your story within the game world and your enjoyment of it. It has a huge impact on what facets of the game you end up playing and whom you end up playing them with. There are several factors and questions you need to ask about yourself and what you want from a corporation that you want to join. – See more at: http://evenews24.com/2017/05/05/headstart-choosing-a-corporation/#sthash.0uNiEbJQ.dpufRead More
Eve online is perhaps best known as the unforgiving space sim which has given birth to a whole host of insane stories about war, intrigue and the toppling of mega-corporations. Amidst all the strife and betrayal it is often all too easy to forget that behind the pulse lasers and cargo holds sit real people dealing with genuine problems. John Belliscoe was one of those people who, in 2014, tragically lost his lifelong battle with depression and took his own life.Read More
Following several fleet patrols using Brutix-class battlecruisers, with mixed success, I decided to change our warzone-control fleet doctrines to a more mobile and flexible combat platform, the Hecate-class tactical destroyer. Axa Dax, one of our combat specialists, has been asking for this change for some time, and I decided to test it out tonight. Supported by a Magus-class command destroyer, this squadron of ships is equipped with a variety of anti-propulsion and mobility-focused hardware. Anything that passes through a stargate will be warp disrupted. If it attempts to flee, itRead More
Every MMO has its scammers. But in EVE Online, their scams are allowed. Getting ripped off is all just part of the fun. Scams have existed almost as long as MMO games they take place in, with unscrupulous players trying all manner of trickery to wrest other players’ hard-earned in-game currency away from them. Usually, most scams are specifically disallowed by the companies that publish the games. Many companies employee Game Masters to police the “streets” of their games, restoring stolen goods and doling out punishments to those who crossRead More