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Posted On March 1, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn EVE-NT

EVE_NT Championship Spring 2017 – Major League Week 2

The Major League teams returned to Thunderdome for another night of spaceship combat! The Other Team and Clevergirls were neck and neck at the top of the table as the evening began – would they still be there by the end of the night? Volta vs Team Pretty https://youtu.be/CgKKh8Agkj4 Team Pretty seemed determined to take out the Exequror of Volta as soon as possible, but made a couple of quick target swaps onto the Rifter and Algos as their own Apocalypse started to drop dangerously low into armour. The Rifter wouldRead More

Posted On February 23, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn EVE-NT

Gameblast17 Charity Stream on EVE_NT this weekend

Starting tomorrow Gameblast17 begins- and with it, a whole host of gamers and streamers around the country will be playing games in order to raise money for those that can’t! If you’ve ever attended any of the EVE_NT events you’ll know we’ve always been keen to raise money for charities, normally in the way of swag raffles. After the last EVE London we finally broke £5,000 in donations and this weekend we are going for another big goal!  The money raised through Gameblasting is going to enable the charity SpecialEffect toRead More

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Would Sudden Otters be able to extend their Minor League lead, or would the likes of Exodunks and Footwork charge ahead and swipe the top spot? It was all to play for as the second week of the Minor League matches kicked off on Thunderdome. Make Amarr Great Again vs Templis https://youtu.be/yAIeyD1KTWw The early death of the Algos gave Templis a quick head start, but it ended up a two-for-two trade as their Oracle and Dragoon fell with just the Algos and a Maller to show for it. Make AmarrRead More

Posted On February 15, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn EVE, EVE-NT

EVE_NT Championship Spring 2017 – Major League Week 1

After a strong start from the Minor League teams, it was time for the Major League to warp to the arena and fight for their first victories in the EVE_NT Championship. Just before the show got underway, this season’s long-awaited prize was revealed on the o7 Show; this season’s teams are playing for the lion’s share of the exclusive IGC Raven SKINs!   Clevergirls vs Phalanx https://youtu.be/Z8oLFtMFsT0 Both teams charged straight into the fray, Clevergirls’ Rokh being held down while his team made short work of the shields and armourRead More

Posted On February 12, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn EVE, EVE-NT

EVE_NT 2017 Spring Championship Prize SKIN and New IGC SKINS

Following on from tonight's o7 and as revealed we are pleased to show off the brand new IGC Raven SKIN. Following on in the tradition of the Typhoon and the Apocalypse SKINS that were given as prizes to give away to competitors in previous championships the IGC Raven Skin will be the prize for the current season. I hope you agree, it is one great looking skin! But what if you don't compete in player run tournaments or have the ISK to purchase these rare SKINS? Well CCP Will also be making availableRead More

Posted On February 11, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn EVE, EVE-NT

EVE_NT Major League Giveaway!

To celebrate the excitement in the air for the first weekend of major league, we are giving away some very special prizes in anticipation of the action. What prizes? Well just for you, we have a unique IGC Apocalypse SKIN, (only 450 of these skins have ever been made) 1 PLEX and 10 Victorieux Luxury Yachts which in total is worth around 4 billion ISK to be given to you, our viewers, who participate in this competition. For your chance to win this prize worth an estimated 4 billion ISK, allRead More

Posted On February 10, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn EVE, EVE-NT

EVE_NT Championship Spring 2017 – Minor League Week 1

A new year and new teams kicked off the first week of Minor League action for the Spring 2017 EVE_NT Championship. 8 teams fighting it out in 5v5 combat for the top spot of the league and a shot at promotion to the Major League.   Sudden Otters vs Nasty Boyz https://youtu.be/nMoieDF23MgNT Cup winners Nasty Boyz were first up, their Amarr-heavy armour comp facing the shield setup of Sudden Otters. A Burst logi frigate seemed like a bold pick by Sudden Otters, but seemed to have no problems keeping hisRead More

Posted On November 28, 2015By EVE_NTIn EVE, EVE-NT

#EVE_NT Collides Prizes

nnAlthough the format of the #EVE_NT Collides series has been solidified in various tests and warm-up rounds, it proved hard to get teams to commit their time and efforts to a side project outside their busy EVE schedules and the Alliance Tournament. Thanks to an amazing contribution from CCP we have secured 150 unique SKINS to seduce some of the top competitive players in EVE Online and to provide the best possible entertainment for this first full season.nnAt the end of the season the four least successful Alliances will stillRead More