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This weekend saw the final weekend of the second Anger Games tournament, with both days having high-quality matches, upsets, entertaining commentary, and surprise guests. Elise Randolph made an appearance again on the Eve NT team, again using a pseudonym, which commentator Moomin Amatin described as “Making him seem like a 13-year-old boy”Read More

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EVE_NT: May Player Gatherings

With Fanfest behind us, EVE players return to their parts of the world with some usual and unusual meets coming up in May including the fantastic Fins On A Ship! Check them out and visit them if those post fanfest blues need to be slain. Of course, you can find out more about these events via evemeet.net where you can also set up notifications about planned events in your area or create your own meets.Read More

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CZ: ATXV Return Of The Hype

Jesus fucking christ oh my fucking god it’s happening, it’s really happening, AT season is upon us. Okay, now that I’ve used up a number of profanities I’m allowed to use per year on my CZ articles, let’s get down to why this is going to be an incredible Alliance Tournament. As soon as the rules come out, it will officially be the best time of the year.Read More

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THEOMACHY: Slaughter Commences June 3rd

A battle is about to take place. Immortal beings rising to face each other in order to determine the one who will conquer the skies; the one who will battle for hours and not falter; the one who will outwit his enemies… and comrades; the one who will persevere where everyone else withered away. Who will rise to the challenge and be crowned the Theomachy champion? Will Annie Gardet keep his title, or will a new challenger step forth and achieve perfection? One thing is certain, there will be bloodshed,Read More

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EVE_NT Championship Spring 2017 – Major League Finals

There were explosions, there were shock defeats and even more boundary violations in the final day of the EVE_NT Championship Major League. Joined by CCP Larrikin and CCP Antiquarian, it was time to see who would be sent down to the Minor League and who would pick up the lion’s share of the exclusive IGC Raven SKINs!   The Charlatans vs Volta https://youtu.be/JFmDg6CrWho A bold rush in from The Charlatans’ Rifter ended in a dead frigate, Volta claiming a kill in the first minute before turning their guns back on the Augoror.Read More

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EVE_NT Championship Spring 2017 – Major League Finals Coverage

All good things must come to an end and so the final weekend of the EVE_NT Championships Season 2 must and has now come. The title is secure in the hands of The Other Team but their unblemished record has one final test to pass. Meanwhile prizes, safety and glory are up for grabs in the rest of the table. Clevergirls have only one match left to try and hold their position second in the League but with 5 other teams in the running for it and the two safeRead More

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EVE_NT Championship Spring 2017 – Minor League Finals

It was final showdown day for the Minor League teams – Templis looking for points to take them out of the danger zone, while Sudden Otters and Exodunks continued to vye for the top spot. We were joined by CCP Antiquarian and CCP Fozzie as guest host and caster for this hard-fought final round of spaceship combat!   Templis vs Sudden Otters A tentative start to a crucial match for Sudden Otters – a domination victory here would secure them the top spot in the league, but a long gameRead More

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The end draws nigh for the EVE_NT Championships, but like all good ships they will be going out with a bang. The final weekend of the Minor League is before us and it’s packed with content and explosions. With 4 teams still in the running for the crown and all but 1 still able to secure a Major League place for next season there is so much to play for on Sunday. At 18:00 Eve Saturday our weekend of coverage will kick off with Behind the Scenes, where we’ll beRead More

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EVE_NT Championship Spring 2017 – Major League Week 3

Two weeks down and two to go for the Major League teams; The Other Team held the top spot as the evening began, with Clevergirls and The Charlatans hot on their heels and looking for more points.   Phalanx vs Team Pretty A cautious start for both teams, neither wanting to make the first move until the opportune moment. The battle for position continued through the first half of the match, with the Apocalypse of Phalanx losing shields while the Armageddon’s armour yo-yo’d between half and full under reps. AsRead More

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EVE_NT Championship Spring 2017 – Minor League Week 3

Sudden Otters retained their 1-point lead at the top of the table, while 3 teams still had yet to score any league points. Would this be the week where everything changed? With no less than FIVE dominating victories, it was certainly a week to shake up the scores!   Templis vs Nasty Boyz Both teams seemed keen to gain good ground before making their opening attacks, piecemeal damage being applied to the smaller support ships on and off, but both shield logi pilots kept their teams in good order. ItRead More