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Posted On May 1, 2017By Miner MetricsIn EVE, Featured, NEWS

Miner Metrics – Complete 5/1/2017

Miner Metrics is a youtube channel that aims to provide daily updates on the economy of New Edens mineral markets and provides some limited predictions on future price changes.Read More
Audio logs obtained by The Discourse uncover the origins of a terrorist plot – and the complicity of an as-yet unidentified intelligence agency. Bioweapons expert Hirtalen Sirichi explores the unanswered questions surrounding the attack on the RP4 mining facility. For full Akira Kasaras audio and documents, see –…    Read More

Posted On April 30, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn EVE-UNI, Featured

EVE University – This Weeks Classes

This is a preliminary overview of University classes scheduled for the week of Monday, 01 May. All dates are subject to change at the discretion of the lecturer and/or teaching staff. All times are specified in EVE time. All classes are open to the public unless specified otherwise. Monday, 01 May 18:00 – [CORE] Introduction to D-ScanLearn the basics of the Direction Scanner with Rob Johnford. Optional practical afterwards. 19:00 – [CORE] Introduction to BookmarksLearn the basics of Bookmarking with Rob Johnford. Optional practical afterwards. Tuesday, 02 May 01:30 – [CORE] Introduction to Weapon SystemsThis classRead More

Posted On April 30, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn EVE-UNI, Featured

The UniWiki and You

Since CCP took down the official EVE Online wiki from its sites player run groups have been hard at work archiving and building replacement sites to provide reference points for the denizens of New Eden. The most utilised of all of these sites has over the years been the outstanding UniWiki over at The Uniwiki is a public resource provided by EVE University to provide information about EVE Online. On top of this EVE University also provide their content under a Creative Commons licence, which means you are free to share and adapt it asRead More

Posted On April 29, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn EVE, Featured

Welcoming New Talent

We are lucky once more at EVE_NT to welcome new talent to our streaming team, so I caught up with them to try and find out what brilliant things we can expect.   Anska — Valkyrie   Joining our Valkyrie squad is Anska, a long standing member of the Valkyrie community and support pilot extraordinaire.  If you haven’t caught her stream before, you may recognize her from the player-run Valkyrie round table at Fanfest or from multi-stream events such as Down the Rabbit Hole. With a huge emphasis on funRead More

Posted On April 28, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn CCP, EVE, Featured

EVE Fanfest – Phenomenal PVE

Team Phenomenon took to the stage to give players the low-down on the upcoming new PvE content; Blood Raider Shipyards. Headed up by CCP Larrikin, this presentation was in part a spiritual successor to the Behaving Like A Boss With AI" presentation from Fanfest 2015. CCP Frellicus, CCP Burger, CCP Yomama, and CCP Paradox were all present to share how Blood Raider shipyards will work, and what kind of sneaky AI tactics players might be able to expect. CCP Larrikin kicked things off with the team’s mission statement: ‘Make Space GreatRead More

Posted On April 25, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn CCP, EVE, Featured

EVE Fanfest – The Physics Of New Eden

Join Max Singularity (aka Charles White) as he delves into the physics in EVE Online answering the questions such as 'Where does all the friction in space come from?' and many others around the strange physics the rule the universe. This presentation is the result of almost four years of work with CCP to realise the science and ship design behind the new "Frigates of EVE" book coming this summer. Max Singularity begins the presentation referring to his presentation at EVE Vegas in 2016 where he talks about the SolarRead More

Posted On April 24, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn EVE, Featured

Rolling Holes – A hole load of data

Wormholes are a spooky space. The mystery mixed with the chaos is hard to keep track of, but now we have the all new tool Rolling Holes to break it down so that everyone can keep track of the action and see who are the most bloodthirsty corporations to reside there. To get further insight, I interviewed the creator/developer to see how it all works and what you can expect to see from Rolling Holes in the near future.   First of all, why don't you tell us a littleRead More