Posted On June 12, 2017By calebIn EDITORIAL, EG-Post, EVE

EG: They Can Do It!

The Women of EVE and CCP specifically. We always hear about the “hostile” environment for females in EVE online, and how the 4% women is very low. This trigger warning #gamergate topic aside, there are some much more interesting aspects to the women in EVE. Taking a step back I would like to show you a different angle. No one has been run over by horses at ccp, though maybe something akin to a war have occurred. In the wake of incarna something interesting seem to have happened, ever soRead More
The day is almost upon us where this little project goes live. As many may already know, the brand that is eve-guardian has a rather long history in EVE Online. The original site along with EVE Tribune hails all the way back to the early years of 04-05, when it really was novel, to have an actual news site in a computer game. The early days were a fun mix of super serious business, and hopeless amateurs bashing on keyboards. As with most things that are launched and carried byRead More