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Selling 10% of my corps future profits to someone that will fund the initial isk for the first contracts in a lowsec buyback business. Lender would be paid back when each load is sold in Jita until corp wallet is self-funding. They will receive 10% of Gas Co. profits for the remainder of its existence. All risk isk will be covered by me as I will pay to drop the initial buildings. Contact me at or D Rack in game.   Short version The buyback would be done byRead More
After successful conclusion of phase 1 of the scc-mutual fund launch, we are now ready for phase 2. The internal round gathered a total of 15 investors and a total number of 350 shares @ 1b per share were sold. Leaving the current liquidity at 350b. The Business plan can be found here: LINK The Market Cap is set at 1 Trillion, and in this first public offering we are interested in selling 150 shares, to raise the capital to above 500b. Prospectus with full disclosure of assets will beRead More

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INIT: Take Initiative (classified ad)

Don’t second guess yourself, take Initiative!Read More