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Calebs “Requests”   (Near) Infinite orders and contracts, or limited by structures, so skill level per structure/station. Two part broker fee. Base fee and a percentage setting. NPC move dynamically according to ISK volume delta, and base fee goes up and percentage down.   Limited number of slots for Research and Industry. NPC slots at least needs to be either limited or extremely dynamic response to supply and demand. Thus a 2 part like the above, a base fee and a percentage take, where base fee goes up and percentageRead More
Market Show.Read More
Recap of the week of “rage”, from a market perspective. Dirk helps take us through the drama, and with some new angles.Read More

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Blue Horseshoe Club EP3

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We sat down with Sullen and Jin, and talked about the upcoming Goldrush Wars, Trophy Wars, or Homestead Act, the latter being what Sullen believes is the most fitting. We covered a bit of why CSM members are more like priests, that go and pray on our behalf to the gods of questionable intentions, in the temple of wibble wobble. 🙂 The topic of being in the hands of force majeur, and a lot of good banter in general. Again we apologise if some viewers were promised more market heavyRead More
We sit down and talk about Value versus Vanity. End up in a bit of a deep talk on PL versus Goons, slightly outside the core market topics. We also lifted the veil a bit about the industry index problems. Show aired 21.05.2017  Read More
Published on 13 May 2017 Blue Horseshoe Club Pilot Episode Streamed on More