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CZ: Declarations of War: The Hentai Games

-Riela Tanal, creator of Theomachy, joins the show as our special guest -We pick Riela’s brain about the behind-the-scenes of EVE’s best live event -VOLT has a negative % chance of keeping their space by 2018 -Jintaan returns! His long overdue thoughts on Fanfest, the new CSM, and more -The Anime War: Jin is Content Moses, leading the Weebish people to prosperity and good fights -The cast reveals their waifus and competes to pitch non-anime-fan Artimus on which series to kick start his anime addiction –Vanquisher down! The first loss ofRead More
A few weeks in the makings but finally here for your listening pleasure, Mind Clash Episode 36 brings some members of Center for Advanced Studies on the show to talk about what it’s like to be in one of the most intriguing NPC corporations that we have ever heard of. Listen to Ebag Trescientas (the wrangler), Yellowman (AT manager), Bhale (resident Aussie), and Hermes Multipass (the night shift guy) talk about living life in New Eden a fascinating and different manner. Watch the stream live every Monday evening at 2200Read More
Join me in the Stay Frosty Lounge as I welcome well known Alliance Tournament commentator and former CSM representative – as well as other things – Elise Randolph of Pandemic Legion. We discuss the upcoming Alliance Tournament, changes to the game, history, and Fanfest among other topics of interest.Read More

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CZ: Command and Signal

War drives innovation. It drives us to invent, to improve and to race our fellow man to ever greater heights – not just in destruction but also in infrastructure and perhaps most of all, in communication. Since even before the war banners of the structured regiments of the medieval period, the need to clearly, yet covertly, communicate with one another has driven ever more sophisticated methods of doing so. Many of these innovations have since gone on to improve the lives of the general public as well.Read More

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CZ: ATXV Return Of The Hype

Jesus fucking christ oh my fucking god it’s happening, it’s really happening, AT season is upon us. Okay, now that I’ve used up a number of profanities I’m allowed to use per year on my CZ articles, let’s get down to why this is going to be an incredible Alliance Tournament. As soon as the rules come out, it will officially be the best time of the year.Read More