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Alliance Tournament Feeder Rounds – they’re this weekend! On Saturday 10th June the 56 teams who didn’t get into this year’s Alliance Tournament either by finishing in the top 16 last year or else by successful bid in a silent auction will scrap with each other for 32 places in Eve’s prestigious Alliance Tournament.Read More
Their desire to dick on people is very strong” –Theomachy! Alek flies and dies while Jin comments from the skies –HTP scams Provi counter-intelligence: aka Provi’s counter “intelligence”  –Project Nova: A name we haven’t heard in a while –PanFam vs Legacy: Analysis of southern politics as they evolve –T3 Rebalance Breakdown –Theorycrafting Corner: Nightmares -Epic host highlight from Artimus and much more! Ending: SCANDAL – Shojou SRead More
We’re back after a brief break! This week’s guest on the super-sized episode of the NESTCast is MCAV CEO Tim Nering. We’re talking about the history of MCAV, Redfire, a wide-eyed young’un finding his way in wormhole space, and nanogang. Check it out! Guest:  Tim NeringRead More
The show must go on, even if we forgot it was Monday until the last minute. In this 39th episode of Mind Clash we are joined by returning guests Erika Mizune/Yumene and Morgan Starkiller to discuss how and why the EVE Radio Alliance was swindled by Trump’s Finger. Yes you heard it, the in game alliance that represents was taken over by Trump’s Finger (the EVE player, not really POTUS). Also joining us was Cliff Beauland who is a relatively new(ish) player to EVE Online but has caught theRead More

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CZ: Declarations of War: Smooth Operators

-Waifu poll results are in! What a time to be alive. -1st Blood Raider Soityo down! No loot survives. Because TEST. -Amamake Police lose their cop cars to a very dedicated scammer -A serious exploit to skill training revealed. Does this explain PLEX prices? -Fighting heats up in Cloud Ring and Pure Blind -Alek and Artimus are inverting in their PVP focuses End Song: Wildest Things in the WorldRead More

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CZ: Wormholes: 12 months down the line

It’s been just over a year since the release of the Citadel expansion, ushering in a new era in wormhole space. Due to the ease of access, the increase in general security associated with station living and the assistance of the community, many new PVP corps have popped up across all parts of wormhole space. ShekelSquad, Hotline K162 and Doom Generation, to name a few, are part of this “Citadel generation”.Read More
With Kael and Meredudd both recovering from the dreaded Man-Flu, the Mind Clash Podcast explores strong, independent alliances that don’t need no help from no coalition. Mmmm hmmmm. Once again joined by Tridgit from Iron Armada and Piotr Engels from Manifesto to talk about the state of small alliances, how they are affected by Aegis Sov and citadel changes, and what is the next step in the future for these indy groups. Also in this episode we discussed the destruction of the first Blood Raider Shipyard, Skill Injector changes, theRead More

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jin’talks – preparing for a goldrush

I’m sure glad the ‘short preamble’ I was going to do for this video, listing the coalitions and where they lived, turned into a 30 minute long piece, but here’s the meat of my speculation for you all! In this video, I go over the station changes, and how I think they’re going to put a pressure on many of the smaller entities in the game come the autumn or winter, with the most likely outcome being a series of map-wide land grabs by the largest and most powerful entitiesRead More
In our search to find new and interesting play styles in EVE Online, Kael and Meredudd came across some fellows from the Signal Cartel to talk about exploration and non-aggression in a game full of pirates and scoundrels. Check out this episode to hear Anchovy and Eekko talk with the hosts about how they interact with the game and what they see for the future of EVE Online. Watch the stream live every Monday evening at 2200 Eastern US Time (0200 Tuesday EVE Time) Intro Music is Mad Rhyme by CPTRead More
This week I sit down with Pandemic Horde member and resident old head Johnny Chemo and talk about how Eve was back when most of us were still on some Diablo II nonsense.  Check it out! Guest:  Johnny ChemoRead More