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A look at the standup void guided bomb nerfs

The following is an article submitted to us by Erutor, a relative newbro flying cloaky ships with WiNGSPAN with dreams of huge NS fleets. Quoting him, “I also enjoy losing Stratioi in PvE sites trying to make my PvP fits work for PvE, and/or while falling asleep at the keyboard and then blogging about it on“. He’s known to slum in /r/eve and spam #tweetfleet as @ErutorOfEve.Read More

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Just when i thought i was out…

EVE is silly. It’s a silly game about spaceships and its players get way too worked up about it. They generate intrigue out of thin air, meet each other all over the world to talk about spaceship drama, and sit behind broadcast desks and comment on other nerds duking it out in silly tournaments to determine the king of the nerds. It’s all quite ridiculous really. So why can’t I be rid of it?Read More
r/therewasanattempt To anchor a Keepstar; EVE Forums reborn; Literal bag of figurative dicks; Things come to a head in Great Wildlands; Querious becomes a flashpoint; ~AT HYPE~Read More
The next video in my series of interviews with FCs, talking about what they do, how they do it and who they do it with on the battlefield. Today we look at Brave Newbies FC Kinera, who talks about how to utilise Alphas and newer players to their best within a greater whole of a Maelstrom fleet.Read More

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CZ: Declarations of War: The Month of Rheeeeee

Show has a new intro; Goons fail a dread bomb but kill a Keepstar in two massive fights; Reddit explodes over fighter nerfs and Ghost Training; CCP’s + CSM’s responses to the controversy; Fixing Citadels+Aegis, lessons forgotten from Dominion sov; T3 Rebalance reviewed; Fighting breaks out in Great Wildlands www.declarationsofwar.comRead More

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CZ: Understanding Incarna

Wow, in addition to the “Summer Of Rage” tag, a Trump inspired manifesto! I’ve returned just in time. But sadly, Summer of Rage 2017 is proving a disappointment. Despite concerted grudge nursing, it’s difficult to stay worked up over a couple of “rorcarrieratting” nerfs.Read More
(Editors note below) It is not a lack of details that is available when these guys talk about Tournament stuff… We are getting AT ready, too bad there is no betting allowed anymore.   Read More
This is the start of what I hope to make a series of interviews with FCs, on everything from how they started to FC, to how to fly a doctrine they have a particular fondness for. This should give everyone an insight on just how different FCs operate, and the tips and tricks they all use to dominate the battlefield, as well as some of the weaknesses their style entails. Today I talk to CPT Patrick Archer about his life in New Eden, and how he uses Rattlesnakes as aRead More

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CZ: ATXV: Meet The Feeder Tournament Teams

Note from the Author: I pulled two straight all-nighters to get this article done in time for the start of the feeder rounds. I cannot express my gratitude to Cliff Beauland, Rahne and Ashy for their assistance in data gathering and research. I finished this article while the Eds were asleep, so hopefully they will do some pretty formatting and pictures beyond my wordpress ability when they wake up. My apologies for the current state of formatting and any inaccuracies in the text, if I have missed out or incorrectly stated any informationRead More
Kael and Meredudd are getting old in Episode 40 as they are joined by Jakob Anedalle to talk about their team fun at the Theomachy event over the weekend. Halfway through we were joined by two FC’s from Iron Armada, SlimJim and Angron, who talked about the art of target calling in EVE Online. Watch the stream live every Monday evening at 2200 Eastern US Time (0200 Tuesday EVE Time) Intro Music is Loud Remix by CPT Blastahoe Outro is Below the Asteroids Airhorn Mix by Nick Fuzzeh – Watch liveRead More