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The Scope reports on Blood Raiders.Read More

Posted On May 11, 2017By CCP GamesIn CCP, EVE

CCP: EVE Online – May 2017 Features

2017-05-05 16:20 Patch notes for Release 119.5 Released on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 —- Video: LINKRead More
Today New Eden turns 14 years old and here at CCP, we’d like to wish a happy 14th anniversary to all our pilots across the globe! May 6th, 2003 marks the date when a flood of budding young intrepid pilots took to the skies with grand hopes and aspirations. 14 years on, those ideas and values have become the cornerstones of a thriving virtual world that that has been transformed into a living, breathing space saga that spans more than a decade of emergent storytelling. From the second New Eden’sRead More

Posted On April 28, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn CCP, EVE, Featured

EVE Fanfest – Phenomenal PVE

Team Phenomenon took to the stage to give players the low-down on the upcoming new PvE content; Blood Raider Shipyards. Headed up by CCP Larrikin, this presentation was in part a spiritual successor to the Behaving Like A Boss With AI" presentation from Fanfest 2015. CCP Frellicus, CCP Burger, CCP Yomama, and CCP Paradox were all present to share how Blood Raider shipyards will work, and what kind of sneaky AI tactics players might be able to expect. CCP Larrikin kicked things off with the team’s mission statement: ‘Make Space GreatRead More

Posted On April 25, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn CCP, EVE, Featured

EVE Fanfest – The Physics Of New Eden

Join Max Singularity (aka Charles White) as he delves into the physics in EVE Online answering the questions such as 'Where does all the friction in space come from?' and many others around the strange physics the rule the universe. This presentation is the result of almost four years of work with CCP to realise the science and ship design behind the new "Frigates of EVE" book coming this summer. Max Singularity begins the presentation referring to his presentation at EVE Vegas in 2016 where he talks about the SolarRead More

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EVE Fanfest – Project Discovery

One of the major pieces of this year's EVE Fanfest was the introduction of stage two of Project Discovery. Stage one concluded during 2016, with EVE Online players contributing to the development of the Cell Atlas in association with Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS) and the Human Protein Atlas. Citizen science (a form of crowdsourcing) has been used for multiple projects, but often suffers from low retention rates of participants- but capsuleers took on the challenge of breaking that tradition! In conjunction with Michel Mayor, (honorary professor from the University of Geneva, winner ofRead More

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EVE Fanfest – EVE Online Keynote

This year's EVE Online Keynote kicks off with a SCOPE newsreel, but with a difference! Usually from the SCOPE, we would expect beautifully rendered ships in space, some little nuggets of lore; but this SCOPE video included fantastic new artwork showing planet side events. It included a Condor flying into the Kyonoke mining facility, a Kestrel crashing on a planet surface, and the lockdown of an entire city affected by the Kyonoke plague. It brought this year's theme immediately to the front of the keynote, as well as to the roleplay themed around these events. ItRead More

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EVE Fanfest – Opening Ceremony

Join CCP Guard, Manic Velocity, and the gang for the Opening Ceremony of Fanfest 2017, where CCP kick off three days of non-stop EVE Online programming looking toward the future of New Eden.Read More

Posted On April 14, 2017By Tiberius StarGazerIn CCP, EVE

Frigates of EVE almost Sold Out!

CCP Games with Dark Horse Comics announced at Fanfest 2016 that a Frigates of EVE book was in the works and would be released over the next year. I caught up with Torfi Frans Olafsson at EVE Fanfest this year and had a chat about the book and he explained that the project evolved and grew far beyond their original plan of 60 pages with cross-sections of a limited number of ships to a 160 page behemoth including not only the original content but short stories and complete information on theRead More