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Posted On December 22, 2015By Veetor NaraIn EVE

EOC.TV Rumble Prize Winners

With ISK, ships and some signed CCP loot up for grabs, the EOC.TV Rumble winners have been announced.nnThe system of Martoh lit up during the event on November 29th, with TiDi holding at 10% for most of the battle and an average of 2100 pilots in system. More than 470 billion ISK worth of ships were destroyed during the event, with four FC’d fleets being joined by outside groups such as Spectre Fleet, Project.Mayhem and Brave in a multi-way brawl in support of EVE charities – Care4Kids, Best Of Us, and PLEXRead More

Posted On December 17, 2015By Veetor NaraIn EVE

O7 Show Episode 12

nn0:00 ‘How do you say it’ with Pontifex, Bifrost, Stork, and Magusn2:40 Team Astro Sparkle – Discussion with CCP Reddawn talking about the new PvE content in operation Frostline and Blood Raider Gauntletsn11:40 Does it Fit – Fitting up the new Command Destroyers with CCP Rise and CCP Betikn17:30 Ferocious 7.0 – Preview trailer for the PvP Series by Big Mikern18:40 EVE Down Under – a montage about the EVE Down Under player event and CCP’s highlightsn24:00 The o7 Report – All the news from the alliance around EVE.n30:00 UpcomingRead More