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Posted On June 13, 2017By MynxeeIn BLOG

EVE CEOing: Corp Programs Continuity

I hear there’s a brouhaha happening over on r/eve and the EVE Online forums. I spent five minutes the other day skimming one of the bigger threads and closed it; haven’t looked at reddit since. I am in a place with EVE where I am content to not worry overmuch about what CCP does or doesn’t do. I log in, I play the game in front of me, and adapt as necessary when they change stuff. Should the time come where I’m not willing to adapt any further (and thatRead More

Posted On May 30, 2017By MynxeeIn BLOG

BLOG: My CEO Life. How About Yours?

I logged into my “space job” this morning to do two quick admin tasks: reimburse someone for a corp expense and award a medal. But as always, one thing led to another and this is what I actually ended up doing in the course of an hour:Read More