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The action is hot and heavy going into the second weekend of ATXV. The competition could not be higher for a place in this year’s finals! Where else could be better to view it than with the team of volunteers who help to bring the show live to you every year? Based at the fantastic venue of the Antenna in Nottingham (UK), just a short walk from the Nottingham Train Station, we are hosting a viewing party throughout the whole weekend, with a bar available. Come and spend some timeRead More

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For a little over 6 months, the Arataka Research Consortium have been producing high-quality Eve Online videos known as “The Discourse”. Similar in presentation to what we see with the Scope News videos produced by CCP, these videos are produced by and for the Eve Online community! Over here at EVE_NT we take great pride and pleasure in trying to bring awareness to Community events and community created content, as such, from this video onward, we will be featuring their fantastic work! So without further delay, here is their latestRead More
Originally posted on eve-nt : here Alliance Tournament season is upon us – a season of epic battles, super showdowns, and cheering on teams with your space-friends! EVE_NT’s original planned event presence at Insomnia 61 in Birmingham is sadly no longer possible; due to heavy time constraints and the impending AT, it was decided that we would rather put everything we have behind making our Alliance Tournament streams the best they can possibly be. But fear not- you can still get your meet-up fix, AND cheer on AT teams at the sameRead More

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Rixx: Could Eve Survive the Cinema?

Over the years I’ve had some fun imagining Eve as a television series (like above) or as a film. I’ve made fake movie posters, teased Ridley Scott pictures on Twitter, and created funny one-offs from time to time. I do this because, like I suspect most of you do, I think the idea sounds amazing. Who wouldn’t want to see Eve on the big screen in the theater or the big screen at home? And we know the idea has merit because we continue to hear that such an ideaRead More

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Jin & Apothne Talk – AT XV Feeder Rounds

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EVE_NT Arena: ATXV Prelims on EVE_NT Arena

It’s almost time, EVE sports fans, the pinnacle of the EVE sports calendar, the Alliance Tournament is launching soon. This year CCP will be holding preliminary rounds on the community Thunderdome server, and we are publishing results on EVE_NT Arena. On June 10th and 11th, a total of 56 teams will battle through the preliminary rounds attempting to enter the full ATXV brackets. Now, with less than 2 weeks to go, Thunderdome has been opened for teams to practice as of Saturday May 27th. If you are a participant pleaseRead More
Eve Valkyrie has now been out for a little over a year and at Fanfest this year we were shown what’s on the cards for the coming year. CCP Roo did a presentation during Fanfest, rounding up everything that the Newcastle team has achieved since Valkyries launch last year. And while quite numerous in their achievements, the game still has long ways to come yet. We were given a roadmap as to the direction the team wants to take the game in the coming year, which also generated quite aRead More

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Originally posted on eve-nt main site: as I got an exclusive chance to sit down recently with J McClain and talk about his upcoming project for EVE_NT, ‘Space Police’. Space Police is a mockumentary, following the adventures of the titular force as they try to keep order in New Eden. Though no set date has been given for a premiere, McClain gave some insight into what we can expect. “I had just come back from FanFest and I was memeing into the reality the whole being the Official Director of the Space Police while IRead More
Hello all. As you should now be aware, CSM 11 has given way to CSM 12, which means a fresh start for all of us, and a chance for myself to review what went right and what went wrong with regards to getting information to you all during the past term, and hopefully make amends to that in order to better inform the public on what the CSM is doing, and keep us as in touch as possible.Read More

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EVE_NT: May Player Gatherings

With Fanfest behind us, EVE players return to their parts of the world with some usual and unusual meets coming up in May including the fantastic Fins On A Ship! Check them out and visit them if those post fanfest blues need to be slain. Of course, you can find out more about these events via where you can also set up notifications about planned events in your area or create your own meets.Read More