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We urge everyone to support a great cause by tuning into the awesome marathon charity stream running right now and throughout the whole weekend. The elite of the EVE streaming community will be there to keep you entertained and you can find the schedule here.Read More

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CCP: o7: The EVE Online show – Episode 23

We’ll be talking to developers and players about the Blood Raider shipyards and the recent bloodbath surrounding the first one discovered in Period Basis. We’ll visit CCP’s art team and get a glimpse of some beautiful stuff they’re working on for EVE, we’ll talk about the upcoming Alliance Tournament and of course we’ll take a look at all kinds of things happening in and around space.Read More

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CCP: Alliance Tournament XV: Teams and Rules

This tournament is sponsored by the Serpentis Corporation and Serpentis ships have a reduced point cost Point costs have been adjusted for several ship groups In the matches during the final two weekends of the tournament each team will have 3 ship bans instead of the previous 2 Tech Two mobile combat drones are allowed Strategic Cruisers are not allowed to fit remote repair modules Capacitor transmitter modules are once again allowed with a maximum of one per ship Rules regarding collusion and “B teams” have been clarified and strengthenedRead More
The Scope reports on Blood Raiders.Read More

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CCP: EVE Online – May 2017 Features

2017-05-05 16:20 Patch notes for Release 119.5 Released on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 —- Video: LINKRead More
Today New Eden turns 14 years old and here at CCP, we’d like to wish a happy 14th anniversary to all our pilots across the globe! May 6th, 2003 marks the date when a flood of budding young intrepid pilots took to the skies with grand hopes and aspirations. 14 years on, those ideas and values have become the cornerstones of a thriving virtual world that that has been transformed into a living, breathing space saga that spans more than a decade of emergent storytelling. From the second New Eden’sRead More