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Bitter vet creator of SCC-Lounge channel and long time market trader, can be found reminiscing about ye olde days in darkened corners of stations CEO and Founder of, and MoB in many shady projects past and present. Notably co-founder of the ancient stepstone project and ancient days industrialist. Rumors say that Caleb precedes the current era, and may even go back to before the EVE Gate, but such stories are most likely for childrens bedtime, and hold little credence.

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On June 15, CCP announced that Ghost Training was an exploit, and people have been looking to CCP to take action against those involved. Over the last 10 days, CCP has been sending emails out to Ghost Farmers. Whether the individuals did it knowingly or unknowingly, CCP has been taking action. The action taken is not the usual negative wallet that we associate with CCP acting on ISK gained through exploits (although there was one player who claimed CCP had taken ISK). The players involved have been given a list of theRead More
r/therewasanattempt To anchor a Keepstar; EVE Forums reborn; Literal bag of figurative dicks; Things come to a head in Great Wildlands; Querious becomes a flashpoint; ~AT HYPE~Read More
Calebs “Requests”   (Near) Infinite orders and contracts, or limited by structures, so skill level per structure/station. Two part broker fee. Base fee and a percentage setting. NPC move dynamically according to ISK volume delta, and base fee goes up and percentage down.   Limited number of slots for Research and Industry. NPC slots at least needs to be either limited or extremely dynamic response to supply and demand. Thus a 2 part like the above, a base fee and a percentage take, where base fee goes up and percentageRead More

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Header Image courtesy of Elizabeth Norn. There have been a lot of discussions lately around the rising PLEX prices.  Since the Great PLEX Split of 2017 on May 9, the price for a month’s worth of PLEX has risen from 1.25b to 1.5b. Reasons put forward for this range from deliberate manipulation to shortage of supply, with skill farming and nullsec ratters also blamed at various points.Read More
A very interesting podcast, with a focus on structures and the long-term goal.Read More
Market Show.Read More
Recap of the week of “rage”, from a market perspective. Dirk helps take us through the drama, and with some new angles.Read More

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EG: They Can Do It!

The Women of EVE and CCP specifically. We always hear about the “hostile” environment for females in EVE online, and how the 4% women is very low. This trigger warning #gamergate topic aside, there are some much more interesting aspects to the women in EVE. Taking a step back I would like to show you a different angle. No one has been run over by horses at ccp, though maybe something akin to a war have occurred. In the wake of incarna something interesting seem to have happened, ever soRead More

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FLEETR: Swiping left or right in space

Just when you thoughts EVE could not get more real, and weird. It would seem we have now gotten our own little first beta version of a Hot-or-Not app. Catching up with the Open Comms Show, naturally Rahne of all people, introduced the entire room to this proto-dating app. Dirk is still waiting for the special variant or options for his sexual preferences, but I still havent seen goats in EVE. Go check it out, its still only extremely primitive but Hillarious, and hopefully we will be able to browseRead More

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Blue Horseshoe Club EP3

Link to Cliffs 420 Discord ; More