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EVE-Guardian Live – BlueHorseShoeClub EP6

Calebs “Requests”


  1. (Near) Infinite orders and contracts, or limited by structures, so skill level per structure/station.
  2. Two part broker fee. Base fee and a percentage setting. NPC move dynamically according to ISK volume delta, and base fee goes up and percentage down.


  1. Limited number of slots for Research and Industry. NPC slots at least needs to be either limited or extremely dynamic response to supply and demand. Thus a 2 part like the above, a base fee and a percentage take, where base fee goes up and percentage down with activity.


  1. No Anom respawn timers, make it content composition dynamic, with diminishing returns instead. The new spawn will keep dropping in composition value until it gets longer timeframes since last respawn.


  1. Diversify space, in regards to composition of resources, loot etc. Force the players to either trade or conquer space. NO more self sufficiency. (Well unless you theoretically own or operate in 3+ Regions


  1. Put more time and skill strain on production. Preferably so they are inverse proportionally linked. Thus making a dynamic feedback system. So T1 is Time heavy, VERY time heavy, and need things like parallel scaling, or many participants. (This would be good for new players to start a passive income) and T2 and T3 is skill and resource type heavy.


  1. Make SOV matter. Instead of limitations and benefits like Super and Titan building etc, make SOV add a All area SOV TAX. This equivalent to what Empires should have, a flat TAX not adjustable for specific people, but that is levied on ALL public transactions. There should be a hard cap of 50%, to make griefing less of a problem.


  1. Make Business to Business contracts UNTAXED. And only possible when owning an office. This will add a proper value and utility to corp offices, and make rental a much more worthwhile usage.


  1. Player to Player and Corp to Corp Billing system. An idea I have talked about often, and that most would agree would have huge potential for different types of uses.


  1. NPC Stock Exchange. Change all LP to Shares, and make them directly tradeable on the SCC market as shares. These are like Stock options, and gets handed out as items that can be moved around. They are also requested in NPC corp Shops. This making exchange of old LP a game in itself. In addition make the player corp shares system ESI based and allow a special type of contract for ONLY 1 TYPE of player shares and ESI call based and potentially allow write aswell. Thus making it a lot easier for 3rd party to “visualise” the player stockmarket, but nothing complicated needs to be made. In short 3rd party would virtualise to visualise player stockmarkets, everything would still be in the game client.


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