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EG: They Can Do It!

The Women of EVE and CCP specifically.


We always hear about the “hostile” environment for females in EVE online, and how the 4% women is very low. This trigger warning #gamergate topic aside, there are some much more interesting aspects to the women in EVE. Taking a step back I would like to show you a different angle.

No one has been run over by horses at ccp, though maybe something akin to a war have occurred. In the wake of incarna something interesting seem to have happened, ever so slowly we have seen women take a more and more front role in ccp and in fact also in EVE online.

CCP Seagull @ccpseagull

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It all seem to have started at the top, when CCP Seagull flew in “lika baws”. In the aftermath of #monumentgate the clean up job was considerable. Andie Nordgren seem to have come in like a remote repper to get the whole ccp fleet back on top. Cleaning up the mess and setting things straight, she got EVE back from structure tanking. This ofc is all pretty well known EVE history by now, and repeating it might seem superfluous. What many might have overlooked is how this seem to have improved things in a rather considerable way for the gender “issue” that is usually so debated in game development. CCP seem to always have had a rather ok proportion of women involved, but they used to be a bit more in the background in the days prior to Seagull at the helm. It might be subtle, but it seems like all the women at ccp seem to be more and more in front and even in charge of things.

CCP Leeloo @ccp_leeloo


Nataliia Dmytriievska, aka Leeloo, is everyones favorite firedancer and community creative girl. She was up until recently the cat-herder of the CSM, and I believe she is the real life “boss” of CCP Falcon. Anyone having paid a few minutes attention outside the client will be very familiar with her and her activities.

CCP Karkur @CCP_karkur


Bára is our beloved UI gamedesigner. She has been on top of some long overdue QoL features and additions to EVE. Aside from fixing things we see her a LOT in the community, and she shares the most entertaining tweets and chat lines in many places. Whether you enjoy her knitting or snowboarding tweets, or her incessant cyberstalking of LazTel in his streaming. She is maybe one of the most entertaining ccp devs. She has also been seen trolling Pandemic Legion, and smack talking ingame to great entertainment value.

CCP Mimic @CCPMimic


Best known for her role in the New Player Experience, and frequent appearance on the o7-show and official ccp videos in general. (ed. like this #monument) Her official title is Dev Producer, but as with so many things CCP, it feels like everyone got their fingers in many pies. In her role as part of the NPE, she often seem to wear a community centric hat, and if your are involved in events and similar, do not be surprised when you her her voice on coms, winning hearts and minds with her laugh and warm personality.

CCP Punkturis @CCP_Punkturis


Katrín Atladóttir is another UI and usability dev that prides herself with making life more bearable as a spreadsheet warrior in space. We will be seeing her code baby in the form of fighters UI very soon, until then we can follow her tweets on growing real flesh and blood babies, and preparing the next generation of pod pilots.

CCP Redcape @CCP_Redcape


Stevie Ward is back in the house. In the old days Stevie was working as lead video producer, and later community representative. She is now dusting off and disembarking her pod and getting ready to embark on the Valkyrie adventures. As a well known and loved face to the community she has been welcomed back with many cheers and o7s.

CCP Denebola @MariaSayans


Our new Chief Customer Officer. I have already written a small piece introducing Maria Sayans, she is bringer the thunder from DICE. Having the experience from a much bigger brand BF4, and quite the insight into community “DCU II”. (CCO)


Having mentioned all these amazing women, the conclusion I wanted to make is that women in EVE on both developer and player side of the table, seem to be very much in front of where things are happening. They seem to wield a lot more influence and even power , than most people may be aware of. Sure the statistics still show that EVE is terrible in “Equal Rites”, but what is lacking in quantity is obviously made up for in quality. The same interesting angle is present in the player community, there may be a small representation distribution in game subscriptions, but if we look at how EVE women are represented in “the meta”, in everything from community groups, events, streaming show and blogging, its pretty clear that we have something bordering on over representation, compared to other games. To mention a few in no specific order or importance; @SindelPellion , @Sugar_Kyle , @Nystrik , @scaredpanda , @chocolaterahne , @Mynxee , “unstable unit” , “Danielle en Divalone” , “Lacrimae” (retired) etc etc.. The list goes on and on.. and I apologize for any I left out that should clearly have been mentioned.

I am in no way trying to say the internet and society as a whole does not have far to go regarding gender issues, inclusion and breaking the glass ceiling in every way, but I am saying that in CCP and in EVE I clearly see some bony nosed trailblazers that I am sharing a community with.

PS: Regarding the tone of a game that is called the most competitive and holding the hardest learning curve in gaming history, I would like to say that when EVE players are on field, this is very true. Just like in any highly competitive sport. Yes we may even put a thumb up your bum, or give you an elbow to the face, but we still shake hand before and after the game, and back out in civilian life, we behave a lot more civilized. 🙂 ofc exceptions to this occur, and we can def clean up our act more.


Note: This is a repost of an article originally posted on the scc-lounge website.


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