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Seeking lender for my future IPO with an explode-able business model.

Selling 10% of my corps future profits to someone that will fund the initial isk for the first contracts in a lowsec buyback business. Lender would be paid back when each load is sold in Jita until corp wallet is self-funding. They will receive 10% of Gas Co. profits for the remainder of its existence. All risk isk will be covered by me as I will pay to drop the initial buildings. Contact me at or D Rack in game.


Short version

The buyback would be done by contracts for a worse rate than your alliance’s buyback program. Depending on where I drop them the first building will be paid by me. If you want 50% of the cut I’ll add your ticker to the building name and pay you %50. If it gets attacked, you can defend it or let it get blown up. Whoever blows it up will get the option to replace it for %50 of the profit or it will go on the open market where anyone can give me a replacement for %50 of the profit. Once I decide on locations you could choose whether or not you want to be the recipient of the first buildings %50 payments. This option will be for any null sec alliances in jump range for the first buildings.


Pitched to Alliances.

The idea is for me to bankroll dropping 24+ Raitaru around eve low sec in a circle covering all sides of the universe. The idea of having them close to Null is not only to garner defense, through paying the strongest closest faction, but it is also because the largest wormholes come out of Null. The business is a Buyback program that could be at a worse rate than the alliances buyback service, that is providing protection. I would only sell to Jita buy orders to not disrupt the current economy. This would have to be followed to the letter as the business needs to not be a threat to any major corps isk revenue as they could just blow up my Gas Co. buildings and not replace them.


This business would only profit from corps and individuals that are not at the level of having their own jump freighter service or producing enough goods to use RF for full loads to Jita. It literally would be a shortcut from deep low sec to the Jita market. It will be geared to be a shortcut for wormholers, scanners and independent/small corps to drop off at. The wormholers because bigger wormholes would open in null sec by the stations more often. Scanners because they could make runs in one direction and drop off full cargos and keep scanning. Independent capsuleers because they could not live in the areas for lack of getting their goods out and be isk efficient.


The whole thing would be run on contracts with an evepraisal link as the message for the time of the drop off. An alt of the alliance could be in corp to see the stations they agreed to defend and its contract history to deduce the amount owed is being paid if need be. A single alliance would not defend every station unless they could hold them. “Gas Co. Quick Stops” would be neutral, and if it grows in popularity and makes good isk, alliances could destroy the buildings and pay for another Raitaru and I would transfer the 50% payments to the other alliance. That is how Gas Co. will stay neutral.


I want to work with RedFrog to set up the Raitaru’s in areas that would benefit them and use them to move my product out for payment. They could also use those stations in the future as discounted pickup sites so small timer eve capsuleers could get things to market with their services. This will increase the loads picked up at a single pickup site to more full loads with more isk for them. Gas Co. could be approved “jump to sites” that alliances can have set up *With closed docking for all but RedFrog* as the risk of people closing their citadel after a contract is taken is too great.


I’m thinking about the eve universe in general. Wouldn’t getting more people out of high sec be a good thing? Wouldn’t the increased ship loss drive up isk value and your miners/building/industry, make more isk? Could it possibly give eve capsuleers who were afraid to take a gate into low sec the itch to try living out there? I was a nobody and joined Flying Dangerous years ago. I used to be afraid to go into low sec. Now I’m more afraid to be in high sec *comparable to low/null*. If this turns into something that gets people playing more of the eve universe could it increase the amount of players joining eve? For PVP’rs it could bring targets. For me it could bring life. Or it could bring nothing.


I plan to get alliances to agree to a neutral corp because no alliance in itself can do this. High sec people would not go to a Pandemic Legion or Goons buyback location. But they use RedFrog. Gas Co. is going to be the RedFrog of low sec buyback. It could even be endorsed as Red Frog approved if I can get them to work with me. I also want to get pre approval from the developers for billboards to be placed at the time of opening. I would be taking all the building costs risks with my own isk and take a lender to lend me micro loans to buy contracts and move the product. I would repay them at the same time as selling in Jita.


So this equates to money for you, wont threaten your alliance buyback program because who would sell to me for less, may increase wormhole and scanning traffic but if they have cargo wouldn’t that be exciting? Most independents would live in low sec because you would blow them up in Null. In a food chain scenario, the lowest of the low on the food chain would live around Gas Co.’s. How big are the gangs that are going to feed off them be? If Gas Co. grows and those gangs get fed on, and then those gangs get fed on eventually you may have some large gangs but isk would be rolling in at that point. Gas Co.’s cannot hold capital ships or markets.


All this could equate into nothing happening. But it’s my isk on the line and I would like to try it. I just need people to see that it could turn into something great. Most people do not like new things. But new might just be what eve needs right now. And citadels may just make it happen. I’m looking for Corps or alliances to have their tag in the name of the building I pay to set up. After that if one gets destroyed the alliance that destroyed it can pay for another Raitaru and get 50% or it will be open to anyone to replace it for the 50%. All Gas Co. buildings will be put up in the same system after destruction so any change in null space ownership or Gas Co.’s would be irrelevant to Gas Co.


Would your alliance be interested in owning 50% of the profit of a Gas Co. If one is placed in a low sec bordering your null space?