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I am Kiemai from Trojan Legion in Goonswarm Federation, and this weekend I will be running a 24-hour charity stream for a cause that is very close to my heart, Macmillan Cancer Support. This charity provides a variety of services such as counselling for those afflicted with cancer as well as their family members before and after treatment, no matter how successful it is.

My dad died of an Astrocytoma 13 years ago in August and the work of Macmillan Cancer Support helped him immensely as well as myself and my family when he passed. Starting at noon (GMT) on this Saturday (May 20) I will be playing a variety of games for 24 hours and will also have a discord server set up for this for anyone who wants to come and support me.

IF you want to watch, tune in over at my stream and if you want to donate head here

Any support is appreciated and welcomed.

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