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SCC-Lounge: [IPO] – SCC-Mutual Fund – Selling 150 Shares

After successful conclusion of phase 1 of the scc-mutual fund launch, we are now ready for phase 2. The internal round gathered a total of 15 investors and a total number of 350 shares @ 1b per share were sold. Leaving the current liquidity at 350b.

The Business plan can be found here: LINK

The Market Cap is set at 1 Trillion, and in this first public offering we are interested in selling 150 shares, to raise the capital to above 500b.

Prospectus with full disclosure of assets will be made available after phase 2 concludes, and thus showing the resulting NAV and final shares valuation. Bids for these shares should be posted in the scc-lounge fund public Discord here : LINK

If any new rounds for selling shares are agreed among the shareholders, and the elected board suggests a vote for it, we will have a round of selling using the EVE_O forums. At this point we should be so far along, that any requests for detailed audits and general oversight will not interrupt business, and will show the expected progress and valuation.

Comments and questions can be posted below, or in the discord.