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First of many for the New EVE Guardian

The day is almost upon us where this little project goes live.

As many may already know, the brand that is eve-guardian has a rather long history in EVE Online. The original site along with EVE Tribune hails all the way back to the early years of 04-05, when it really was novel, to have an actual news site in a computer game. The early days were a fun mix of super serious business, and hopeless amateurs bashing on keyboards. As with most things that are launched and carried by an individual or very few people, these sites have had their ups and downs, and the guardian went silent when its then Editor in Chief (EIC) had real life issues. After a few years of silence, I contacted the last EIC and asked if it was ok and I tried to rekindle the old brand. He said that would be fine and I snatched the domain I spend some time trying to run up a new project with this about 2 years ago, and with help from some really talented people, I had a short burst building the first version. As with all things EVE, things change fast and after the last CSM election period peoples focus changed, my own as well.

Fast forward to this year’s fanfest; where I had the chance to meet all the amazing media people from the meta-media of EVE. Most importantly Tiberius StarGazer (or Tibs as I call him), someone I had talked to on the Talking In Stations Discord on a wide number topics into small hours for as long as the beer would take us.

It was during our meeting at Fanfest I also got to meet Nashh Kadavr from EVE_NT, we touched upon the topic of a gap in the media market, and I decided to slide the eve-guardian brand onto the table, as a suggestion of a name that could service filling this gap.

One month on we have had the chats, formed a semblance of a plan, and this is what we are rolling out, a mixed platform of an aggregator site, and umbrella placeholder for EVE_NT staff content, and some original EVE Guardian content. The focus is primarily to promote all the content created by ALL of EVE, and make it easier for the whole of the EVE community to discover new and interesting corners of the universe EVE.

We hope you like what you see, and I personally hope you will enjoy taking part in this both as consumers and creators. Very soon you should be hearing the voice of the newsroom, the editor in chief himself, Tiberius Stargazer, until then I wish you a good day and lots of fun in New Eden and all its mad musings.

Fly Safe:

Caleb Ayrania CEO of EVE-Guardian

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