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EVE University – This Weeks Classes

This is a preliminary overview of University classes scheduled for the week of Monday, 01 May. All dates are subject to change at the discretion of the lecturer and/or teaching staff. All times are specified in EVE time. All classes are open to the public unless specified otherwise.

Monday, 01 May

18:00 – [CORE] Introduction to D-Scan
Learn the basics of the Direction Scanner with Rob Johnford. Optional practical afterwards.

19:00 – [CORE] Introduction to Bookmarks
Learn the basics of Bookmarking with Rob Johnford. Optional practical afterwards.

Tuesday, 02 May

01:30 – [CORE] Introduction to Weapon Systems
This class will introduce the student to the major weapon systems used by the Empires and Pirate factions of EVE Online. We will cover how the various weapon systems work, the types of ammo used, drones, how to select ammo for a particular application, and much more.

23:00 – [CORE] Introduction to EWAR
Learn about how to EWAR someone into a fit of rage with a ship people give away by the thousands!

Thursday, 04 May

22:00 – [CORE] Introduction to Caldari Ships
Basic characteristics and fitting principles of Caldari ships

Friday, 05 May

16:30 – [CLASS] Hauling 101
Info about what is hauling, types of haulers, contracts and the basics of doing it.

18:30 – [CLASS] Hauling 102
This is a course for those who seek to do hauling as a serious profession in EVE. This course tells you how to break some of the rules established in Hauling 101 out of necessity while still remaining safe. Serious step-up in complexity compared to the 101 course, this class might be hard to follow if you are unfamiliar with bookmarks, ship parameters and fitting tools.

Saturday, 06 May

15:00 – [CORE] Introduction to D-Scan
This course will feature a basic Introduction to D-Scanning. If you want to survive/scout/hunt in EVE, you'd better put your best learning goggles on, 'cause you're about to learn why you absolutely need to have an itchy D-Scan finger. 

17:00 – [CLASS] Freighter 101
Some good information for freighter owners or players who seek to invest into one. Jump Freighters and suitcase capitals has it's own class. 

20:00 – [CLASS] Jump Freight and Suitcase Caps
Ever wondered how a cyno or a capital jump drive works? Or how Mercenary Coalition fights in a new war each month in a completely different part of null space?? This class will explain the mechanics behind the movement of capital ships from a hauling and logistics perspective with Jump Freighters as the main focus, with information on Suitcase Capitals and capital movement. 

Sunday, 07 May

17:00 – [CORE] Introduction to EVE Careers
This class is for relatively new players wanting to know more about EVE careers. We will cover PvP, missions, ratting, incursions, mining, planetary interaction, manufacturing, hauling, trading, exploration, salvaging, scamming, and becoming a CEO.

That is all as far as the current schedule goes. As always, all classes can also be found on the EVE University calendar. For information on how to join EVE University, please see Applying to EVE University. If you wish to contribute to the University by hosting classes of your own, please see Joining the Faculty.

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