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Welcoming New Talent

We are lucky once more at EVE_NT to welcome new talent to our streaming team, so I caught up with them to try and find out what brilliant things we can expect.


Anska — Valkyrie


Joining our Valkyrie squad is Anska, a long standing member of the Valkyrie community and support pilot extraordinaire.  If you haven’t caught her stream before, you may recognize her from the player-run Valkyrie round table at Fanfest or from multi-stream events such as Down the Rabbit Hole. With a huge emphasis on fun in the game and not being afraid to make a fool of herself, Anska’s stream is a must see. You can catch it 23:00 EVE-time every Thursday on EVE_NT_TV. Additionally, tune in at 17:00 on Fridays where Anska joins others from the Valkyrie community for the multi-stream Down the Rabbit Hole, where she will be diving into the week’s wormhole gameplay. Coming out of the wormholes, you can expect friendly cross-platform rivalries and matches with the community all with fun at the forefront. Catch her on Twitter between streams. 

I am all about community and fair play.

Roedyn — EVE


Roedyn plays EVE rather differently than many of us, at least in how he plays onstream. Each week, he brings us a down to earth and practical look into the world of EVE’s market trading. With a light atmosphere you can expect your weekly dose of market news and picks as well as discussion on the markets and more. Though new to streaming, Roedyn’s has an extensive past of EVE market expertise, having been a writer with The Neocom for two years and focusing on his weekly trade recaps for the last year; this man knows his markets. You can join him at 01:00 EVE time Tuesday’s or find him on Twitter and get to know our resident trading expert.

Raiden Harmann — EVE


Raiden is new to EVE_NT and to streaming in general, however, his stream is a more broad approach to EVE with the focus on the interaction. Described by the man himself as interactive chat and music, with EVE. Known within the streaming community for his involvement in Twitch v EVE, his ability to herd cats behind the scenes is already showing and you can expect to see it come through in a number of upcoming projects. Though not streaming on EVE_NT for now, you can find Raiden on Twitter and keep an eye out for his streams and projects to come.

It’s more like watching the learning curve

So, I hope you will join us in welcoming them with open arms and looking forward to seeing what they can do as they settle in.  

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