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Frigates of EVE almost Sold Out!

CCP Games with Dark Horse Comics announced at Fanfest 2016 that a Frigates of EVE book was in the works and would be released over the next year.

I caught up with Torfi Frans Olafsson at EVE Fanfest this year and had a chat about the book and he explained that the project evolved and grew far beyond their original plan of 60 pages with cross-sections of a limited number of ships to a 160 page behemoth including not only the original content but short stories and complete information on the science and physics behind the EVE Online universe.

You can get a sneak peek at the science that has gone into this book from a presentation at this year's fanfest by Charles Whites;

Written by Paul Elsy (aka CCP Falcon), Charles White (aka Space Pope, aka Max Singularity), and illustrated by Will Burns and Börkur Eiríksson the final culmination of this 2 years project will finally hit the shelves in just over two months time.

In anticipation of this CCP have released a Limited Edition of the book. With only 1337 copies of the Limited Edition ever available, but be quick because only 24 hours after release they have almost sold out!

The Limited Edition of the book is available in the EVE Online Store, shipping from the USA, EU and UK to provide low shipping rates, and will also be available from for those in Australia and New Zealand.

Packed from cover to cover with 160 pages of cross sections of all the most popular frigates used by the empires of New Eden, as well as detailed technical backstory on the origins of the vessels and the technologies they use, Frigates of EVE: The Cross Sections Limited Edition will ship on June 6th 2017.

Please note that while the hardcover will be available in future, this is the ONLY time that pilots will be able to order the Limited Edition, which includes:

  • Collectable cloth blueprint of the Condor class frigate.
  • Three layer acetate film breakdown of the Probe class frigate.
  • 50% grey Limited Edition embossed clamshell presentation box.
  • Commemorative Rifter plaque with code for exclusive in-game trinkets and apparel.
  • Download code for digital copy of Frigates of EVE: The Cross Sections.

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