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Twitch Vs Eve

Over at EVE_NT we regularly host a whole plethora of events with a variety of different streamers, covering all sorts of things within New Eden. This Friday at 2200 Eve time is an event called Twitch V Eve which will feature over 40 Eve streamers!


The goal is to gather as many Eve twitch streamers as possible, bring them all into one fleet, and then multi-stream them doing a PvP roam! This should be a load of fun for Eve viewers and the streamers alike!


It’s also an opportunity to advertise Eve itself to non-eve players, so people may stumble across the multi-streamed event. In turn, this will also give a step up to newer streamers and the old, with cross viewing numbers. It’ll give viewers to all the streamers, be it followers, subscribers, or just something awesome for them to watch and take part in; it will encourage greater networking for eve players and the twitch community!


During the event there will also be CCP developer interviews; during transitions, between fleets, currently to be covered by streamers Defiant Daniel and Crasskitty.


To name some of the streamers that this event will feature:

Bjorn Bee, MarkeeDragon, Zarvox Toral, Fintarue, Lysus, Rahne Chocolate, scaredpanda, Evescout, CrassKitty, ChristopherWow, Suitonia, RobandTorigaming, Defiant Daniel, Fireculex, FranktheBank22, GSYBoy, DaBigRedBoat, Hamektok, Andy_Virus, HatelessGaming, KenMasters2126, Jammer, OttoBismark, ChYph3r, RuneShiftGaming, Dahox_Lacefe, Brick Rickman, Equliser11, Gommel Nox, NottyGaming, Oddsodz, ThatToxicGuy, Plexed, Progodlegend, SchwingSchwing, TintenKilla, TheVehementRose, Zombieslicer, oh and me, Raiden Harmann.


All of these streamers are going to take out fleets, one after the other to complete destruction!

Obviously (for operational security reasons, the fleet composition won't be announced, but they will vary!


Lastly, giveaways will be occurring during fleet changes and transitions! CCP Guard has kindly organised some PLEX and skin giveaways for the viewers! These will be given away for killmails of streamers during the fleets!


Each streamer may have their own prizes to give away too, take for example, Raiden Harmanns death will result in a wonderful Kronos, valued at a cool 3.3billion isk!


EVE_NT will no doubt host some of these streamers during so keep an eye out and join us overthe weekend!

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