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The Independent Gaming Commission (known by most of us folk simply as the IGC) released 3 brand new SKINs onto the New Eden Store, available for a limited amount of time (only available until April 4th)!

Synonymous with the running of private combatant tournaments, the IGC has historically only ever created and awarded these unique, magnificent coloured skins to winning teams and participants. The colours, (officially listed as tin grey, orange, lapis blue and gunmetal black) have only previously been seen on battleship class sized vessels – the Typhoon, Apocalypse and soon, the Raven.


But here's the good bit! Now you too can get your very own IGC skin – available now for the Drake battlecruiser, the Caracal cruiser and the newly redesigned Cormorant destroyer!

If you have a particular favourite ship, you can buy each of the skins individually for 800 AUR; or alternatively, if you fancy all 3 skins, you can get a small discount and pick up up the set for 2160 AUR!


If you’ve been watching any of the EVE_NT Championship series you’ll know that all of us over here at EVE_NT have been really looking forward to the arrival of these skins as we’ve been talking about them almost every weekend!

We hope that you too will show your support for all the work both us and the IGC put into the tournaments, and hope that you’ll grab a few of your own skins in celebration!

For now, here's a few shots of the SKINs in action for your enjoyment!


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