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CSM12 Candidate: Ncc 1709

1. Please start by giving us a short introduction to who you are and your history within EVE Online. Include how long you have been playing and the groups you have been involved with.

Hi, I am Ncc 1709. I am the CEO of Fusion Enterprises LTD, part of Badfellas alliance, who live in the middle of Malpais. I am also part of the alliance Leadership team, dealing with infrastructure, diplomacy, and military.
Fusion is a Mixed corp, heavy in both Industry and pvp. But we are not ‘Leet’ pvpers. But we will stand our ground and protect our space.

Our past history is one of bouncing between strict Industry alliances and strict pvp alliances, neither of which were the perfect balance for the corp, either boring the pvpers, or scaring the indy guys away.  

The list includes,

  • Mostly Harmless
  • Morsus Mihi – I joined fusion 3 days before the corp deployed its station in tribute
  • Northern Coalition.
  • Intrepid crossing
  • Inperial Legion
  • The jagged Alliance -(Closed- collapsed due to political pressure) – I took over as CEO at this point in time.
  • Nulli Legio -(Closed by awox)
  • Nulli Secunda – We left nulli to join Na. at the time the last of the leadership of corp did not expect the corp to last another month, the average people online per day was 3, at the time we had 63 toons in corp, 40 of them between 5 people, so we took the risk of renting to rebuild our industrial side, and it worked 🙂
  • Nothern Associates – Renters
  • B0T – Renters
  • X.W.X – renters – When fozzy sov was announced, we requested that ourselves, along with a few corporations living in the constellation we were in, if we could make an alliance and take over the systems for the new alliance. The plan was rejected, and our systems given to spears of destiny which forced us to move from cobalt to malpais)
  • Phoenix Company Alliance – We were forcibly removed from Poca, when the alliance leader and the majority of the rest of the ceo’s disagreed about which side to join during the Drone walker rebellion. This led to us reinforcing the majority of the Poca  sov and eventually coming to an agreement to have the sov transferred to badfellas.
  • Badfellas – formed after poca, and is a much closer nit alliance than poca was, working together, learning from each other and helping each other out when we can.  I also have close communications with Fafer, Present CSM member, Ceo of Bope corp, previously a member of PL, now NC.

And with the rest of the Drone friends coalition members.


2. Who would you consider to be your key constituents? Who would you best represent within the playerbase?

Small scale Nullsec corps, mostly industrial with pvp aspects. The groups that cannot hope to defend themselves against the likes of PL, Nc., Goons, Test and such. The ones that hide in drone lands because the big groups cannot be bothered with the space 🙂


3. Please summarise your platform. (Preferably using key bullet points)

  • Rorquals / Nullsec mining
  • Bubbles / Nullification on interceptors
  • Citadel / ec deployment mechanics
  • Cloaky camping….
  • Moon goo – would like to see it like gas sites.
  • Leviathan / phoenix / XL missiles
  • Nullsec industry – No real incentive for T2 production in deep null
  • Sov mechanics – still favor the bigger groups..


4. Why have you decided to run for CSM this year?

I want to try something different, and seeing how most idea’s that are presented by ccp are pvp oriented. I wish to put a more industrial presence into the discussions.


5. Have you run for or been a member of CSM in the past? If so please list each year and if you were elected.

This is the first time


6. What makes you a unique representative when you compare yourself to other candidates?

Most of the other candidates are either specialised WH, lowsec, PVP, or from the big alliances. I am someone from a smaller scale  with more industrial representation, without ignoring the pvp aspect of changes.


7. Do you have any out of game experience and skills that make you a good candidate?

I used to work as a chef, so i have a lot of experience with high pressure environment, i've also worked on renovating a property on a shoestring budget, having to figure out unique methods of making things work in strange environments, and spending many days testing various methods before deciding on the best approach to things.


8. What areas of EVE are you weakest at knowledge wise?

That would be wormholes and wardecs.  It’s been roughly 8 years since i was last in highsec full time. And due to the industrial side of corp, all wh’s have to be closed as quickly as possible to protect the industrial side. So there's little time to explore.


9. If you were offered unlimited development time – what's the biggest change you would lobby for in EVE?

Multicore usage for both client side and backend usage, to allow the servers to cope with the 5000 man fights 🙂
complete re-work of dreads.  
Rework of all ratting anomalies, with proper randomisation of each site. At present, there monotonous. Yes there's variations, but there all predictable.


10. If you could wind back the clock – what feature or change would you remove from EVE?

Nullified interceptors. The changes to warp speed were good enough buff to them. With the upcoming changes to bubbles, Interceptors should not need such an advantage any longer. Possibly make one of each range interceptor nullified, but vastly increase its signature radius to compensate.


11. If you could pick one candidate to be elected with you who would they be and why?

Vince Draken and noobman are people ive had contact with in the past.


12. What is your favorite memory in EVE and why?

Would be the first time Zarvox toral came into our system on a solo roam. He was in an ishtar, and had come through the bubbles and around the system for a few mins. When he was heading out, i landed 90km away from him in my onyx, and burned towards him to get tackle. He decided to fight me and launched ogres against my onyx (93% thermal resist…) 15 seconds later, my main and Rainus Max, landed 50km with a macherial and vargur. And both ships fired at the same time, alpha strike killing his ishtar.  Ordinarily this was nothing special. But 30 mins later, one of our directors logged on and linked his twitch stream, with his footage of the fight.

“There’s an onyx, do i take him, do i take him…  theres nothing else on d-scan… lets take it. Lets Blap this onyx!. Oh the onyx has come into scram range, i can take the onyx… and im not doing any damage to the onyx… and this is what i was worried about, his friends have arrived… out of control, what does it mean my bicycle is out of control, what happened? Eh im dead, i didnt even see any damage (spawns back in highsec) what does it mean my ship is out of control… takes a vape… what does it mean.  ‘Checks damage log’ look at that, theres 2 hits at the same time”

The funniest part of it all was his face on his stream. We wish we had made a backup of it before he took it down.


13. What platform(s) do you use currently to engage with the wider player base? If someone wanted to contact you what is the best way to do this? (Include Twitter/Emails/Skype/Slack etc.)

Ingame mails will get replies pretty quick. Or discord Ncc-1709#7946


14. If people wanted to find out more about your platform – where is the best place to do so? (Include blogs, forums posts and podcasts)

Easiest way would be ingame mails. If the question is prominent, then i will add it to the forum thread too. The forums will also be good place for more information, which i will update when i can with answers, and any revisions to ideas and such


15. What is your closing statement (no more than 500 words please!)

Some items in Eve are well balance, others are so out of balance they become the FoTM. I believe we need to work towards removing the FoTM trends and make all ships usable, instead of just one type.  The present example are the Rorqual, and oversized ab RLML ships. They are out of balance with the rest of their class groups, but RLML are not the problem, on the same note, some are vastly underwhelming, like Phoenix, Leviathan, certain T1 haulers. All of which need some balancing to rejoin the mainstay of play.

EVEOnline Fanatic. Drinker of beer. Member of Destructive Influence in Northern Coalition. Content manager for #EVE_NT. Editor In Chief for EVE Guardian. Player Events Promotor.