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EVE_NT Major League Giveaway!

To celebrate the excitement in the air for the first weekend of major league, we are giving away some very special prizes in anticipation of the action.

What prizes? Well just for you, we have a unique IGC Apocalypse SKIN, (only 450 of these skins have ever been made) 1 PLEX and 10 Victorieux Luxury Yachts which in total is worth around 4 billion ISK to be given to you, our viewers, who participate in this competition.

For your chance to win this prize worth an estimated 4 billion ISK, all you have to do is just complete the three following steps:

1. Like our page on Facebook
2. Follow us on Twitch
3. And by re-tweeting our competition announcement tweet.

No ISK is required, and the winners of the prizes will be announced shortly after this weeks EVE_NT Championship Major League action which will be broadcast on the EVE_NT TV Twitch page from 2100 EVE Time on Sunday.

Be sure to check out Iskstarter for the latest Eve Online community projects, and tune in this weekend to see the best pilots from tranquility compete for the major league crown.

Stay tuned, and see you on Sunday!

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