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TiS: Talking in Stations Episode 012 – w Rhivre and Asher Elias et al.

Published on 20 Aug 2016

Join Matterall, TMC’ s EVE News Chief Matterall sits down to talk EVE Online news, politics, and opinions with EVE Online Players: Dirk MacGirk, Ashterothi, Tiberius StarGazer, Rhivre (TMC), Asher Elias (GSF FC)

The new EVE ONLINE podcast is created for new players and veterans alike, covering news, analysis, mechanics and history for the game. Catch the show live on Friday nights, 6 PM (Pacific Timezone) on “TheMittanidotcom” Twitch Channel.

We discuss Lenny taking on Jita offshoring citadels, Delve and wars, and politics around the map. WE also talk about Sion Kumitomo’s retirement. We also cover game changes: Links and Rorqual…
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